NaNoWriMo Reviews

You've Finished 50,000 Words of Fiction—Now What?

Now Accepting Manuscripts

Send me your NaNoWriMo manuscript for a complete review.

For only $500 I’ll help you focus on what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong across the board—characters, plot, action, description, atmosphere, grammar—and I'll offer advice on where and how to expand your 50,000 word manuscript into a full-length novel.

How it works:

Simple, just email me at inquiries [at] athansassociates [dot] com, or use this handy contact form.

In the subject line write:

NaNoWriMo Review

In the body of the email, tell me your name, make sure I have your contact information, and tell me a little about your book:

Audience (Adult or YA?)

Genre (Include sub-genre if applicable)

Word Count (Have MS Word or other software count it for you. I need the actual word count of the manuscript, not your estimate or goal.)

Then tell me about yourself and what your goals are for the book, in a single paragraph.

I’ll get back to you ASAP with the fee, PayPal information, an expected deadline, and other information. Payments will be required up front, preferably via PayPal, but we can work out other arrangements. I’ll be reading these as they come in on a first-come-first-served basis, so contact me as soon as you have a manuscript ready to send!

First or even rough drafts don’t scare me. This is an initial review that will help you start your own revision process off on the right foot, so don’t feel as though it has to be perfect or even finished to send it along.

The $500 flat rate assumes a manuscript of 50,000 words plus or minus 10%, or 45,000 to 55,000 words. If your manuscript is substantially longer or shorter than that we’ll work out an appropriate fee based on the actual word count.

When you send in your manuscript, please attach it to an email in .doc or .docx form. Your review notes will come back to you embedded directly into the file using Track Changes and Comments. If you’re unable to view those in the software you’re using, let me know and I can save the edited file as a PDF, or we can figure out some other option.

NOTE: Athans & Associates Creative Consulting and Philip Athans are in no way affiliated with or any similar or related organization.