We Will Find Your Best Voice, Not Just Your Best Book

"Authors who wish to stay in the business listen most carefully to editors' suggestions, even when they think an editor has been outside in the sun without a hat."

—Robert A. Heinlein

As Athans & Associates Creative Consulting I’ve worked with a wide range of publisher and author clients including Amazon/57 North, Pyr, Appalachian Mountain Club Books, Wizards of the Coast, Permuted Press, and almost too many indie authors to count. I’ve worked extensively in fiction (primarily fantasy, science fiction, and horror, but other genres as well), non-fiction (from books on the software industry to camping and kayaking guides), gaming (digital and tabletop), and more.

I've been doing this since 1986.

If it’s got words, I can help make it better.

For publisher clients I offer a wide range of services from extensive ghostwriting/book doctoring to copy editing with competitive rates, a fine attention to detail, a sense of collaboration, and a healthy respect for the work—and deadlines—of others. I respect confidentiality agreements and will always work to preserve your trademarks and intellectual property rights. Can’t find the title of a book I’ve ghostwritten in a Google search?


I always approach every edit as a teaching opportunity with an eye on not just making this book better, but every book you write after it better. Comments in the text and accompanying email will always have that in mind.

It’s not just my job to find what’s wrong with a book,

but to preserve and encourage what’s right about it.

Just let me know what you need—even if it doesn’t quite match up with any of the above—and I’ll make it work.

I always have.

I offer consultation services from $100/hour and full book edits from only 3¢ per word. Click here for a downloadable Rate Card, or just contact me and let's talk about the specific needs of your project.