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Though located in King County, Washington, in the heart of the CORVID-19 outbreak in the United States, I remain unaffected and am not in any of the at-risk groups identified by the CDC. Because Athans & Associates is a home-based, exclusively online business, operations continue uninterrupted through a period of self-quarantine that, for me, is business as usual. Online courses will continue uninterrupted, all projects are on track, I am available during regular business hours as normal, and expect to continue to work at full pace for the duration. I know that’s not true for everyone, however, and I hope that measures we’re taking here in Western Washington, including more of my fellow Seattleites working from home, will help manage the spread of the virus to vulnerable people.

Please take all reasonable precautions, listen to and heed the advice of the CDC and local government sources rather than social media or other unreliable sources, and join me in doing our best to do the right thing for ourselves; our loved ones; our partners, clients, and collaborators; and our neighbors.

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"…an ideal monster writing 101 guide and anyone who’s even considering looking into writing monsters in any format should read it. A wealth of information for the new writer and useful bits and pieces of good info to remind the grizzled old timer writers (like myself) of what writing monsters is all about."

Steven Dawes,

Edited for Wizards of the Coast, by best selling fantasy legend R.A. Salvatore.

"The world of publishing is growing more complicated, but also more interesting for those willing to think outside the box. I know I am, and having Phil Athans out there as a resource takes the scare out of it."

R.A. Salvatore

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